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EAA reimburses all intramural-related fees of all engineering students at the University of Toronto. This includes team dinners for teams that make it to their play-offs, summer intramural memberships, and more. To get reimbursed, please upload a photo of your receipt in the following Google Form: EAA Reimbursement Form 2T3-2T4.

If you have any questions about reimbursements, please contact VP Finance.

Reimbursements will be completed according to the schedule listed below.

Fall Semester:

  • August 24 - August 27

  • September 29 - October 2

  • November 6 - November 10

  • December 21 - December 23

Winter Semester:

  • January 12 - January 15

  • February 19 - February 23

  • March 25 - March 28

  • April 30 - May 3



The goal of EAA is to provide undergraduate engineering students with opportunities to participate in various athletic activities, whether this is through our intramural teams or other related clubs. EAA strives to make these opportunities more accessible and to promote physical well-being, team building, and the development of athletic skills. In funding student clubs, the EAA aims to help undergraduate students pursue their athletic interests.


To learn more about if your club meets EAA's sponsorships requirements, please read the following document:

Club Funding 2T3-2T4

To apply to be sponsored by EAA, please fill out the following Google form: Sponsorship Form 2T3-2T4 

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